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Why Toothbrushes Are More Interesting Than You Think

Explore effective strategies for retailers to align dental care product offerings with consumer demands, maximising sales potential in this thriving market segment.

Matt Stanton - Head of Insight

4 Minutes

/ 25th October 2023
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Category Insight

Maintaining optimal dental hygiene is a universal concern, but consumer habits in oral care products can be more diverse than one might assume. Dentists advise replacing toothbrushes every three months, yet adherence to this guideline is far from universal.

Market Overview:

The dental care market in the UK boasts an impressive valuation of nearly £1 billion, surpassing other personal care categories such as hair care, bathing essentials, and deodorants. Notably, dental care remains resilient even in times of economic downturn, making it a substantial sales prospect for retailers.

Understanding Consumer Needs:

To cater effectively to consumers, it is imperative to recognise that dental hygiene encompasses more than mere cleanliness. While general-purpose toothpaste may seem standard, the most significant market share lies in sensitive tooth care. Recognising this shift in demand is crucial, particularly for convenience store operators.

Segmentation of Shopper Needs:

The dental care market can be categorised into seven distinct segments: sensitive, complete care, cavity protection, whitening, freshening, gum care, and children's products. However, convenience stores must navigate limited shelf space, making selection a strategic endeavour.

Strategic Product Selection:

Contrary to common practice, aligning product offerings in convenience stores with broader market trends is essential for success. While Colgate Cavity Protection enjoys popularity due to its affordability and brand recognition, it constitutes just 8% of the UK market. To drive sales, focus on meeting the demands for sensitive, complete care, and whitening products, which collectively represent the majority of consumer preferences.

The dental market is worth nearly
£ 1 B
in the UK
Colgate Cavity Protection constitutes
8 %
of the UK market
Most dentists recommend that every
3 months
your toothbrush should be replaced

Recommended Product Portfolio:

  1. Colgate Total Original Care Toothpaste 75ml PMP £2.00 (EAN 5056267000838)

  2. Oral B Pro Expert Professional Protection Toothpaste 75ml (EAN 5013965948428)

  3. Colgate Advanced White Toothpaste 50ml PMP £1.00 (EAN 8714789498591)

  4. Sensodyne Repair and Protect Toothpaste 75ml (EAN 5054563100832)

  5. Colgate Sensitive Instant Relief Toothpaste 75ml PMP £1.00 (EAN 5056267000876)

Strategic Pricing:

While 'complete care' and 'sensitive' products command higher price points, consumers are willing to invest in these products. Offering price-marked packs (PMPs) instils confidence in shoppers, ultimately driving sales. Additionally, premium options, such as Charcoal Advanced White Charcoal Toothpaste, cater to both budget-conscious and discerning consumers.

Strategic Positioning:

While Colgate Cavity Protection remains a staple, it may not be the cornerstone of an optimised product range. By prioritising 'sensitive,' 'whitening,' and 'complete care' offerings, retailers can significantly boost sales. Strategic placement of toothbrushes in high-visibility areas, especially during promotions, further capitalises on impulse purchases.

Understanding the nuances of consumer preferences in dental care is pivotal for retailers seeking to maximise their market share. By aligning product offerings with prevalent market trends, retailers can tap into the robust sales potential of the dental care sector.

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