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Abra Wholesale Mega Trade Days Event Delivers Success

Discover the highlights of Abra Wholesale's successful Mega Trade Days event. Learn how multiple suppliers showcased their products, resulting in increased sales, and what promotions were included to make the event more attractive to customers.

Eleanor Storey - Key Account Executive

3 Minutes

/ 29th March 2023
  • Sales & Distribution

Abra Wholesale recently hosted their first Mega Trade Days event for the year 2023, which took place on the 1st and 2nd of March. The event involved multiple suppliers who showcased their products to customers, resulting in increased sales.

During the event, Abra Wholesale executed 12 off-shelf displays at the front of the depot and on tower ends, showcasing brands from reputable companies such as P&G and Unilever. To make the event more attractive to customers, the Trade Day brochure included a variety of DCS promotions, with multiple front-page features.

The Mega Trade Days event was a great success for Abra Wholesale, its suppliers, and its customers. It generated significant sales for the suppliers and allowed customers to sample a wide range of products and promotions. Abra Wholesale is looking forward to hosting more successful Trade Days events in the future.